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Light up Your Outdoor Space with Our High-Performance 120W LED Wall Pack

by Eddie Ali 15 May 2024

Are you tired of dimly-lighted parking lots, poorly lit warehouses, and dark alleys? With our extraordinary 120W LED Wall Pack, you can get rid of inadequate lighting! Our LED wall pack, which is designed to provide outstanding brightness and endurance, is the ideal way to improve security and visibility in a variety of outdoor environments.


Enhanced Visibility with Powerful Illumination

The unmatched brightness of our LED wall pack guarantees remarkable 16200 lumens output lighting up the darkest areas. It provides optimal illumination performance, whether you are securing your property or improving visibility in business locations.


Choose Your Preferred Illumination

Now, you can customize your lighting experience with our LED wall pack which is available in two colour temperature options: 5000K and 5700K. You can either select the 5700K option for a bright, white light that is ideal for security purposes, or opt for the 5000K version for a daylight-like illumination that is perfect for enhancing visibility in parking lots or outdoor recreational areas.

Built to Last in Any Environment

Our IP65-rated LED wall pack has been engineered with durability in mind. It offers greatest protection against moisture, dust, and other outdoor factors. Built to last in the worst weather conditions, our LED wall pack offers remarkably reliable performance throughout the year, whether it's raining, snowing, or extremely sunny.


Versatile Applications

The LED wall pack has been proved to be the ultimately greatest lighting solution for a wide range of outdoor spaces – alleys, gas stations, warehouses and residential areas. The reliable wall pack can Illuminate pathways, enhance security, improve visibility in parks, loading docks, and more with its versatility and usefulness.

Certified for Performance and Safety

Our LED wall pack is UL and DLC certified as it meets stringent safety and performance standards. So, you can enjoy the peace of mind with our certified lighting solution, knowing that your property is illuminated with a reliable and high-quality fixture.

Added Durability and Protection

Equipped with a striped lens cover, our LED wall pack offers enhanced durability and an extra layer of protection against impact and debris. The sturdy construction ensures that your lighting investment remains safeguarded, delivering long-lasting performance for years to come.

Experience the Difference

Take your outdoor lighting to the next level with our 120W LED Wall Pack and experience the difference in visibility, security, and energy efficiency. With its powerful illumination, durable construction, and versatile applications, our LED wall pack is the ultimate lighting solution for both residential and commercial spaces.

Don't settle for inadequate lighting. Illuminate your outdoor space with confidence and opt for our high-performance LED wall pack today!

Invest in quality. Invest in reliability. Invest in our 120W LED Wall Pack.

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